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Customized Training

What if you and your teams could have access to individually customized learning pathways? How does the idea of having objective competency mapping for career mapping for your team sound to you? Why not use the opportunity to benchmark the competencies to industry standards and make targeted learning & development investments in your organization? We promise you all this and more through our Customized Training Program. There are 4 steps in this segment of the Academy.

1. Competency Mapping:

While we have a set of standard job profiles and relevant competencies mapped to them, we will also be working with the people managers and HR leaders to create customized competency mapping for your organization.

2. Communication Plan:

It is critical to pre-empt teams about the assessment in a positive way so they can see it as a tool to build their capabilities instead of inhibiting their growth. Our team will create the communication strategy and plan to deliver the right messaging with the people managers.

3. Assessment:

We have an assessment customized to each job profile and the corresponding competencies, including the level of seniority, for your employees. Employees will have the choice to share their individual results with their managers – with right messaging majority of employees opt-in to have holistic career development. We will also provide an organization-wide competency rating to identify any significant gaps from the industry standard.

4. Customized Training:

Individuals will get access to their customized training plan on the Learning segment of the Academy. We will also help to identify any relevant training and workshop for the entire organization to bridge glaring competency gaps.

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